How They Made It: Real Estate Pro’s Share Their Story

After years of building up an impressive resume for themselves, Anne Perry and Tracy Allen decided to partner up. It was the point when their real estate careers really took off. Now, the Hawaii real estate duo has conquered a large share of the market and sells some of the most prestigious properties in Honolulu, especially in the larger area around Diamond Head, Lanikai, and Kahala. Both realtors give the same advice to their younger peers: “Work together, network as much as you can, and never ever underestimate the power of your support system.”


Especially early on the sales a realtor gets from their personal network can make all the difference. A friend’s selling and putting their trust in you can be the start to an amazing career and a spring board into a new price range. Especially, if you’re dealing with the mid range price range in your market in can be particularly tough to break into the high-end price range. Ann Perry remembers selling condos and going to $5+ Million homes by seeking out opportunities to connect with the rich and famous. She would attend conferences, go to networking events, and spend time at golf clubs and charity events attended by many of the wealthiest individuals in all of Hawaii’s prestigious Honolulu island. The connections she made did not immediately bear fruit, but a couple of years later she landed a listing in the high-end market and never looked back.


New realtors looking to start their career are highly advised to do the same. It’s up to you to take the step to become a real estate guru and build your luxury empire.


For advice reach out to these two inspiring women who have been dominating the Hawaii Luxury real estate markets for over a decade. You can find their contact information on:…